The world is now becoming obsessed with spending less on home repairs and renovations. Thanks to websites such as Pinterest and TV shows highlighting DIYs flips, we are looking forward to a brighter future for our homes, if done right. Take note: if done right.


Let’s face it; not everyone is given the skills. To some who are lucky, successful DIY projects come out of talent. To some, there’s always room for improvement or better yet, practice.

Being a fan of TV renovation shows and magazines, we see a lot of people doing their selected areas of the house – windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, etc. They often end up doing great work, while they claim not to be experts in the field. We sometimes wonder or envy. We ask ourselves, “Is it reality TV?” Then again, there are also these shows that caught a glimpse of poorly done house remodeling that ends up being demolished altogether.

Propel Marking saw an inspiration and a promising business out of this reality. Acknowledging the fact that people want to learn the skills to great DIY renovation projects, we came up with a training facility that caters to everyone, beginners and professionals alike. While our instructors can do almost everything, we specialize in windows.

Win those hearts with great windows.