Propel Marking provides a suite of useful hands-on DIY training courses on window repair and replacement for anyone, from amateurs to professionals.


When we say anyone, we mean it. Anyone can join our classes and learn about windows, from beginners to experts. We have more than 50 trainers across the fifty states.


We chose this niche simply because window projects are essential to home renovations and ventilation alike. However, there are only a few DIY courses regarding this field. Hence, we grabbed the opportunity to start a training center for those who want to master the art and science of windows.


While we offer the majority of our classes on weekday afternoons, we also hold evening lessons. At the same time, we also conduct training during weekends on two shifts – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


We hold our classes in different areas of the country. Having more than 50 trainers within the US allows us to assign at least one instructor per state. We hold training in various cities in each state.


We usually invite people in a particular area to join our courses. We trust that people are most likely to learn comfortably within their community. Hence, we reach out to our prospective students.


While we provide exceptional training, we only charge minimal fees for each session. If you’re interested in participating in our DIY class, please send an email to with your details and availability.